Bloomberg LP

When I started working for Bloomberg in 1998, there was no makeup
department to speak of so I developed one. We went from two shifts a
day for a 12-hour day to 12 shifts daily by the time I left. I booked
60 shifts a week, which included makeup artists, hairdressers and
stylists. Our makeup room was active 19 hours daily; I was on call
24/7. Not only did I do a full shift of makeup application, I ordered
product, oversaw and scheduled maintenance services and talent — as
well as a completely per diem staff. In 1999 nobody was airbrushing,
it was just a whisper on the wind. In 1999, however, Bloomberg and
WPIX were already both completely immersed in this new system of
beautiful makeup application, making us the first and the only ones
ready for the changes that were coming. This was my own undertaking
and I subsequently taught dozens of personnel this system.

I was also called upon to establish makeup departments in Hong Kong,
Washington DC, Brazil and Germany. I taught the two main makeup people
from the London bureau how to airbrush, which of course is the norm

I arranged teams to cover Al Hunt from our DC Bureau when covering the
United Nations General Assembly, President Clinton’s Global Symposium,
Davos, Warren Buffett, the Berkshire Hathaway Convention and the
Republican National Convention; I personally covered the 2002 mayoral
inauguration, which was an honor. I also was asked to groom the mayor
for his official portrait after this event.

I hired an amazing group of talented people, but some people I had to
let go — this too was part of my job

Bloomberg Financial News: Page Hopkins, Dylan Ratigan, Erin Burnette,
Sandra Smith, Brian Sullivan, Carol Massar, Suzy Assad, Debra Kostroun, Lori Rothman
Duties included:
Makeup Artist/Manager – 24-hour News
National Events
Fluent in use of Bloomberg Terminal

Notable Events:
Clinton World Economic Symposium — 2005-2006 and 2008-2009
Nobel Peace Prize, Vice President Al Gore — 2007
United Nations General Assembly with Al Hunt — 2007
Mayoral Inauguration — 2002
Berkshire Hathaway/Warren Buffet — 2000
Davos Switzerland, World Economic Forum — 2000